Broncos fight hard but lose in five to Lions

Broncos fight hard but lose in five to Lions

OLDS- On November 25 the Amrose Lions picked up their second straight win, knocking off the Olds College Broncos in five sets (22-25, 25-14, 24-26, 25-20, 15-12).

The first set went back and fourth for the duration, with neither team able to increase their lead to more than two for the first half of the set. With the Broncos leading 18-16, Ambrose was forced to take a timeout to settle down the troops.

Out of the timeout the Broncos would win the next point to take a 19-16 lead, and then take two of the next three to extent their lead to 21-17.

Up 24-22, Braden Bates rose above the net to smack down a huge kill to give the Broncos a 25-22 first set win.

The Lions answered back in the second set, cleaning up their game, and maintained a five point lead for most of the set before taking over late and finishing the Broncos off 25-14.

Olds found their game again early in the third set, and behind a few massive kills from Jesse Stoddart managed a 11-7 lead to force a Lions timeout.

The Broncos would see their lead dwindle late in the set, as the Lions roared back to make it a 21-21 contest. The Lions would win the next two points after Broncos miss-hits to force an Olds timeout, down 23-21.

The teams would exchange points before a miss-hit gave Olds life, down 24-22 with service. The next four points would be known as the Olds Broncos Block Party, knocking down three straight Lions attempts to take the set 26-24.

The fourth set went back and fourth for the duration until the Lions pulled away late in the set, and won 25-20, sending the match to the fifth.

The teams exchanged points for the first ten points to put the score at 5-5, before back-to-back Lions points would put them up 7-5, forcing a Broncos timeout.

Back-to-back serves in the net would make the score 8-6 as the teams would switch ends.  

Stoddard would make a big kill to get the Broncos within one, but a missed serve would make it a 10-8 game in favour of Ambrose.

The Lions would win two out of the next three points to go up 12-9 as the Broncos called their final timeout.

With a 14-12 lead, Adam Morris smacked the final ball of the night down into the Broncos side of the court as Ambrose took the set 15-12.

Keaton Strom was given player of the game for the Lions while libero Ryan Dermott was given player of the game honours for the Broncos.